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Meet Connie Taylor

In November 2020, I was elected as the Superior Court Clerk of Cobb County. I am deeply grateful for
the trust and support Cobb County residents have shown me during my tenure.

I am now running for re-election.

Over the past term as County Clerk, my office has made significant strides on behalf of Cobb County: we
have fostered greater efficiency and transparency in our government and brought new, innovative ideas
to the Clerk’s Office, including modernizing our technology systems for the Courtside, Real Estate, and
Board of Equalization Divisions to ensure greater efficiency and effectiveness and launching a new File
Activity Notification System (FANS) that enables property owners to monitor filing activity to help
prevent fraud in real estate transactions. Further, we have cross-trained our staff on all processes and
procedures to enhance our overall service levels to Cobb County residents.

While much has been achieved over these last four years, our work is far from over. Looking ahead, I am
committed to building on our accomplishments. My plans include the continued optimization of our
administrative processes to ensure that each interaction with our office is seamless and convenient,
further leveraging technologies to ensure alignment, accessibility, and filing of public records, and
embracing new and innovative solutions to our community’s potential challenges.

As a 25-year resident of Powder Springs and a long-time member of Shaw Temple AME Zion Church, my
commitment to this community is unwavering. I hold a BA in International Business and an MBA in
Business Administration. My strategic planning know-how and experience managing teams and projects
with budgets over $100M across the public and private sectors position me well to continue adding
value to this position. Now is not the time for on-the-job training.

Cobb County has embraced me as a tireless advocate for our community because of my commitment to
serving and the results I have shown. Let’s build on our momentum and continue to move our county

Connie Taylor is the Leader who will continue to move Cobb County Forward.

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